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On October 23rd 2021, in the historical city centre of Belluno, NINA KAKAW – the Social Chocolaterie was born, a project that aims to create training and job placement opportunities for women living fragile socio-economic situations throughout the territory. 


NINA KAKAW is one of the local entities that specifically addresses women living in disadvantaged situations, proposing specific opportunities and representing a complementary support to all the different social services already existing on the territory


During the internships and the training courses, the female beneficiaries learn new notions and skills that can be used in the job market: from the production to the packaging, and from the sale to the distribution of all the different chocolate products made in the Chocolaterie laboratory. Basic IT and storage managing notions will also be given. 


After just 6 months from the start of the project, the chocolaterie has already welcomed the first three interns, two of which in the crafted chocolate production and one in the shop with tasks like packaging, product selling and public relations. 





































The participation to the project allows the women involved to access to a normalizing environment, and to share an experience that makes them regain their social role and an economic emancipation temporarily lost. 


Currently, the project is carried out by NINA APS association in a continuing collaboration with Belluno DONNA association and Società Nuova Social Cooperative. 


Expected results





Vulnerable women trained on chocolate working processes and on the management of economic resources both of the individual and of a business 

Women target of an internship aimed at training and job placement

Women beneficiaries will be employed within different local entities

Minimum number of jobs created inside the chocolaterie

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