Nina Kakaw

As part of “Projects in Italy”, NINA APS is working to carry out the “Kakaw” project which involves the activation of new forms of self – employment and the creation of a business, through the launch of an entrepreneurial path marked by solidarity.

t also wants to promote the empowerment of women belonging to disadvantaged categories, who will be the protagonists of a new entrepreneurial path and job placement.

The objective pursued are:

  1. Opening a new company for the production of high quality artisan chocolate. In order to guarantee its sustainability even in the periods in which there is a lower consumption of chocolate (in the summer months), the production will focus on the creation of products deriving from cocoa processing waste such as nibs, infusions and natural cosmetics;

  2. Activate training and job placement courses reserved for women belonging to disadvantaged categories;

  3. Becoming a point of reference for women living in difficult situations, offering them the opportunity to restart through a career path that enhances the person through a process of professional and personal growth;

  4. Acquiring new distribution and sales channels to ensure full sustainability and growth of the business;

  5. Introducing quality chocolate, demonstrating that goodness and passion also rhyme with solidarity;

Expected results


Vulnerable women trained in chocolate and natural cosmetics production


Vulnerable women employed within the same cooperative


Jobs created

NINA KAKAW is a work in progress project! Keep following our page for more updates