Erasmus+ Youth Exchange – Belluno, May 4-8th 2022

Food lies at the heart of our lives. It is vital for our survival, and links us to our natural and social environment in a unique way. But our food system is unsustainable


Food insecurity and sustainability are widely recognized as among the most significant global challenges facing humanity in the 21st century, linked to a range of other challenges including malnutrition, biodiversity loss, climate change, soil degradation and water quality.  

NINA APS, together with a group of associations, has come forth in order to raise young people’s awareness on sustainable patterns of food consumption and production for climate change mitigation, enabling them to develop and learn about green practices and behaviors, and to influence institutional decisions, so they can lead us to a sustainable global food system. 


More specifically, the project has aimed to: 

  1. promote sustainable diets to reduce the impact on the planet and protect human rights 

  2. promote local alternative food systems, local producers and territorial markets 

  3. fight against food waste 

  4. promote sustainable food education and knowledge sharing dissemination 

  5. fight against climate change and promote an equal access to healthy, sustainable and fair food. 


The project has involved 26 young people coming from Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland and Estonia, with the aim to become more conscious about the nexus between food consumption, human rights, and environmental issues, such as climate change, and to gain valuable life-skills during and after the project lifetime.  


Thanks to the many activities carried out throughout the exchange, like the visit to different organic and dairy farms of the territory, participants have understood the value and the right cost of the food they eat daily, and have acquired all the necessary tools to understand how their decisions positively influence socio-economic dynamics, preventing human rights violations and the degradation of the environment.  


The youth exchange has been, and still is, an opportunity to engage and empower young people to become active citizens, connect them to the European project, as well as to help them acquire and develop competences for life and their professional future.  


The methodological approach has been based on EU Youth Strategy, focusing on engaging, connecting and empowering young people, through an implementation across different sectors.  


The exchange has been carried out by NINA APS in partnership with: 

Bank Zywnosci w Olsztynie (Poland) 


Associació Juvenil Culture Clash Barcelona (Spain) 

MTÜ Rabarada (Estonia)












The project has contributed to the efforts that European institutions are making to address food system challenges, and it perfectly aligns with several initiatives including: 

  • the European Food Forum 

  • the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 

  • Food 2030

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"I was looking forward to meeting like-minded people who share the same passion for food as I. What surprised me though, in a good way of course, was actually how diverse our entire group was […]: we could discuss certain topics in depth for hours on end due to everyone approaching the problem from their own professional perspective. That being said, it’s difficult to put into words what I learnt. Mostly, I think, it was eye-opening […] but also soul-warming to understand how passionate the Italians are about their food and drinks. […] How we are what we eat so we better eat clean food. As a food enthusiast and little bit of a chef myself, I was very pleased with everything we did and saw."

Berit, Estonia