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Food is Woman

“Women and nutrition” is a very dear topic to NINA APS and it prompted us to dedicate a series of meetings to it to reflect on this profound union.

Through tastings, sensory experiences, cooking workshops and film clubs we will travel to distant countries and past times, to understand the key role of women in this ancestral dichotomy.

It is fascinating to think that there is nothing more natural and intrinsic than the woman who makes herself food for her children, becoming herself the nourishment of other lives. Or just think of all those culinary traditions handed down from mother to daughter, which have a timeless age and which leave a precious legacy that has been handed down over the centuries between different generations. A sacred and beautiful relationship, but often desecrated since its origins, by a set of cultural, social, and sometimes even political constructs.

The food craze that has taken hold in recent years is the expression of this complex balance between the natural and social role of women with respect to nutrition.

Through a multidisciplinary path of 12 meetings, NINA aims to generate greater female awareness and conscience about the role of women and their power to influence socio-economic and cultural dynamics in the field of food consumption and safety.


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