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"Face mask us" project
Phase 2

Given the excellent results obtained during the first phase of the project, NINA has carried out the “Put your Mask” project forward and other 18 communities have been identified to which 1,730 people belong and where the same needs and problems related to protection and spread of the coronavirus can be observed.

Although they belong to the municipalities of Tena and Archidona, these communities are located in areas that are difficult to reach and mainly rural. For these reasons, basic services are almost or totally absent and the population does not enjoy any support to cope with the emergency.


The objectives pursued were:

  1. Fighting the spread of Covid-19 within the indigenous Amazonian communities of the Napo region, Ecuador, by distributing masks and making people aware of the importance of preventive hygienic and sanitary measures;

  2. Promoting the empowerment of indigenous women through the creation of economic and business opportunities generated by the production of products suitable for marketing both in Ecuador and in Italy.




Indigenous communities

Families reached


Masks delivered

Also the Ecuadorian Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investments and Fishing (Ministerio de Producción, Comercio Exterior, Inversiones y Pesca) supports NINA APS and its "Face Musk us" project 👇

The project was realized thanks to the donations collected during the #metticilamaschera campaign 

and thanks to the support of

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